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What Do People Say About Us :-)

Today my order arrived beautifully packaged with much care taken to keep the goods secure. The first thing I noticed as I unwrapped my little gift was the gorgeous aroma emanating from box. All items are clearly labelled so you know you’re getting quality natural products! Thank you Dita’s Witches Apothecary for the wonderful service and I’m really excited to start using these items! Cheers,         


This lip balm is MAGIC and I'm not even making that up!!! I think I'm on my firth re-order right now.

The Crazy Bag Lady

II love using the shampoo, don't use anything else


I struggled to find a deodorant that didn't leave me with a 'hippie' smell. I took Dita's Earthly Deo to NT for a remote camping holiday and even with all our activities and the humidity, I smelt sublime! My partner loved it too. 


"I use Dita's lotion bar every day after shower. It helps me with dry skin especially on my heels. What I love about it, is that its all natural, it smells divine and it work!!! I also use it on my kids whenever they have any dry spots, they love it. Would highly recommend this product!!!"

Zuzana M.

Body Butter Bar

When I wear this not only do I feel like I have silk across my body but when anyone touches me it makes them stop and comment "Wow! Your skin feels so soft and smooth! I cannot recommend this rich layer of love highly enough! 


Nikola E.

"Dita's products are AMAZING!

I have psoriasis and these products are gentle natural and smell divine.

I'm obsessed with the lotion bars and deodorant and use the soaps every day.

HIGHLY recommended!"

Lena G.

Mum's Rose Water 

"This product is an absolute favourite of mine! Not only does it smell like the most divine rose garden that you can imagine, it also is refreshing, hydrating and most of all it doesn't irritate my skin. I have a bottle next to my bed and I use it after washing my face at night and also as a calming facial mist in the morning. The crystals also add a beautiful element of love and care into the product and the product itself lasts for ages!! So many good reasons to five this product a try.
Go for it - you won't regret it!!"


"I love Dita's Under-eye serum. I've only been using it for a short time and I've already noticed a reduction in puffiness and a more natural skin tone. Thanks Dita."

"My pits smell like roses

when I put the deo on to my surprise it stood up to one hour of very VERY SWEATY TAEKWONDO 🥋 and at the end I smelt like an orange 🍊 don’t ask me how but it works!!!"

Dee R.

Rose Water Spray 

Twice a day I feel like I am spraying pure love across my face. It brings a sense of great beauty to my own reflection and all I see around me. Plus, it smells so sweet!



Body & Hair essential kit

"I love all the items in this kit: they feel great on the skin and they smell amazing. My hair felt and looked amazing after using the shampoo :D"

Lip Balm

"My horrible sunburnt, chapped, post-holiday lips are beautiful again!! So highly recommended 😍"

Dee R.

Zuzana M.

"I love using Dita's shampoo bar, it foams up beautifully and my hair and scalp feel so refreshed after the wash, it smells very nice too. I also use it for my kids, knowing that it only has natural ingredients is great. Highly recommend this shampoo."

Tania J

Body Lotion Bar
"OMG, the smell is just divine. I bought this for my dry feet but I'm using it all over."

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