Under Eye Serum

Under Eye Serum

This little under - eye serum will help you with those dark circles and puffy eyes as well as moistures and stimulate circulation around eye area.



Gently massage 1-2 drops of serum under eye area every morning and night before bed. Shake well before use.


Storaring sugestions:

Store in cool and dry place


Please patch test prior use and check the ingredients for allergies.

  • Ingredients:

    Organic Coffee, Organic rose petals, Organic kernel oil 
    Organic rosehip seed oil, Rose essential oil, Amethyst crystals 

  • Benefits

    Organic Coffee reduces skin inflammation and dark circles under the eyes, anti-aging, calming

    Organic rose petals sooth the skin, keeping sensitive skin smooth and soft

    Organic kernel oil nourishes the skin, lowers appearance of fine lines and blemishes, contain vitamin E and C, improves skin tone and maintain softness of the skin

    Organic rosehip seed oil full of antioxidants, repairing and rejuvenating skin, helping with collagen boost

    Rose essential oil reduces aging, hydrate dry skin

    Amethyst crystals : helps to oxygenate the skin, calming

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15 Milliliters