Balmy Bath

Balmy Bath

This beautiful bath salt will leave your muscles soft as a butter and you body relaxed and skin ever so smooth and your mind calm.
Packed in the cotton pouch, which you can simply drop into water and after the bath simply take out with out having to clean the bath from herbs.
Night time is the best time for having a bath leaving you ready for a sleep time

These bath salts are made to order as to keep all the benefits of the essential oils and organic herbs to keep your soft, relaxed and free of tension



Fill the bath with warm water, add the whole pouch with ingredients... Add your tired body and luxuriate for at least 30 minutes

Please patch test prior use and check the ingredients for allergies.



  • Ingredients

    Epsom salt 
    Organic Bi-soda 
    Organic chamomile flower 
    Organic sage 
    Organic juniper berry 
    Organic peppermint leaves 
    Peppermint essential oil 
    Juniper berry essential oil 
    Eucalyptus essential oil 

  • Benefits

    Epsom salt helps muscle relaxation and loosens stiff joints, exfoliate dead skin cells, helps to reduce stress

    Organic Bi-soda has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce pimples and acne, in combination with epsom soda soothe the skin

    Organic chamomile flower helps soothing stress, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties

    Organic sage helps with skin regeneration, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and astringent properties and improves skin appearance

    Organic juniper berry antioxidant and antiseptic

    Organic peppermint leaves will sooth and cools the skin, help with infection and itchy skin, anti-inflammatory properties are helping with swelling

    Peppermint essential oil relieve muscle aches and pain, helps to clear the mind, has cooling properties and promotes mental and emotional clarity

    Juniper berry essential oil calming and grounding properties

    Eucalyptus essential oil assists with muscle and nerve pain relief, is uplifting and helps with stress relief, good for maintaining skin health

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500 Grams