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  • Dita Turner

Why is our Rose Water called Mum’s Rose Water?

It’s full of love, care, compassion, tenderness and is soothing, refreshing and uplifting… just like I remember my mum.

My mum sadly passed away in the evening on 22nd October 2019 back in my hometown of Prague in the Czech republic. I’ve always kept several rose bushes on my balcony, but even to this day, I have never seen so many roses bloom at the same time when she was taken to hospital. I knew something was happening, even though I was on the other side of the world. There were dozens of roses in full bloom. To this day, every time I see one of the roses bloom, I think of her and I know she is close by.

We gently extract the essence of these beautiful rose petals to make one of our most precious products – Mum’s Rose Water.

Purchase a bottle today for someone you love ❤️ 🌹 ❤️

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