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Irritated and tired looking skin?

Let us talk about Rose Water

The origins of Rose water go way back to Sassanid Persia (today’s Iran) and has been used for thousands of years medically, nutritionally and in perfumes by ancient Greeks and Romans.

Rose water is actually a by-product of steam distilling rose petals in order to get essential oil.

Using rose water on daily basis has so many benefits as its use is not limited only to our skin, but is also for our hair, respiratory system and mental health.

What is so magical about adding rose water into our daily routine?


Adding rose water into our daily skin care routine will soothe the irritation and redness of the skin due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles and in whole hydrates the skin.

Rose water helps to maintain the skins pH balance, having on average pH of 5.0 so by using the spritzer to spray our face with rose water can help lower the skin average pH of the outermost skin layer, helping the skin look younger and brighter.

Rose water is full of powerful antioxidants protecting the cells from damage and thanks to its antiseptic properties is used not only in natural but also in medicinal treatments.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties, the rose water aids healing of cuts, scars and burns assisting the wounds to heal faster and fighting the infections of cuts and burns.

Using rose water may also soothe eczema and rosacea.


Due to the harsh environmental conditions our hair looses the natural moisture. Using the rose water helps to de-frizz and strengthen the hair and can also act as a conditioner after using the shampoo.


Rose water lifts the mood easing the stress and tension and has been used as part of the treatment for depression and grief.

Together with rose essential oil, rose water is used in aromatherapy to help relieve headache.


Rose water acts as a relaxant on the muscles in the through

Have you tried our Mum's Rose Water yet? 🥀❤️🥀


Study by Iran J Basic Med.Sci 2011 Jul-Aug; 14(4):295-307 - Pharmacological Effects of Rosa Damascena

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