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For Dry & Unruly Hair 🥰

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Soothe Your dry and unruly hair with this beautiful, natural and ever so easy to do hair mask packed with yogurt protein and soothing magic of honey 🍯

* half a cup of greek yogurt

* quarter cup of raw honey

* 2 table spoon on jojoba or argan oil 

Whisk all the ingredients together and massage into your hair. Cover your hair with cling film (or if you have a shower cup that even better) and wrap into towel.

Keep on for at least 30 minutes. I really like to keep this mask on for about 2 hours 🥰

Then shampoo your hair and rince with warm water as usual.

How to naturally clean Your kettle 🍋

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Easy and chemically free way how to clean your kettle ... 🍋

I use lemon all the time in my kitchen, as a morning digestive drink, in the dressing for fruit and vegetable salads, in cakes but also in cleaning...

One way how to use lemon in cleaning is to clean the inside of the kettle.

I used to use the whole new lemon, but after some time realised, that I can use the already squeezed lemon to get out of the fruit as much as I can and waste less. 

Simply use a glass to store the remains of squeezed lemons until ready to use them.

Place the lemons into the kettle add water and bring to boil. ..

You can remove the lemon water straight away, or leave the lemony water in the kettle until the water cool down and then rinse all out...

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