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To Soothe... To Love... To Cherish...

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The Story

Nourished by Nature...

To Soothe... to Cherish



Made with Organic Ingredients
No Preservatives
Made in small batches
Made with love - always :-)

Dita started by creating her own cleaning products after being concerned about how many chemicals are included in the commercial cleaning products and seeing its effects on the skin. In addition, it was a way to eliminate the ever so present plastic packaging and waste in general in this industry.


The skin care followed quite naturally. Dita realised how many of the commercial skin care ranges are full of preservatives and chemicals and have very little natural ingredients. As the skin is our largest organ, she wondered why are we constantly feeding our skin with products full of chemicals and preservatives, when there are so many other ways how to take care of our physical bodies?

Dita loves hand making these products from start to finish and believes that making products from natural and edible ingredients creates a whole new magic on its own. They are made with completely natural organic ingredients, and packed full of freshness and goodness that our body is looking for.


Dita’s Witches Apothecary offers a range of skin care products that are natural food for our skin and hair and leaves them feeling nourished and soft.  Try some today and let yourself be nourished by nature.

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Dita Turner


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